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how to optimize product pages to increase sales, digital marketing tips by Influence Media

Increase Online Sales: 5 Things You Must Include on Product Pages

December 22, 2020

how to optimize product pages to Increase online sales

Do you have a ton of traffic heading to your site, but it drops off on your product pages or during checkout?

I often say that websites don’t necessarily have a traffic problem, but a conversion problem!

Your product pages should convince customers to add products to their cart, using strategies to increase trust, urgency, and transparency.

Here are 5 essential things to include on your product page to improve the user experience and ultimately increase sales:

1) Estimated shipping timelines & free shipping threshold reminders.⁣⁣

Surprises are great, except for when it’s about shipping info! Clearly outline expectations and timelines so that customers know when to expect their products. Transparency is key in the e-comm game, and will lead to less complaints and free up some customer service time.

Do you offer free shipping over $XX? Make sure this is listed on your product page! With so many e-commerce businesses, this is a great way to stand out against competitors. ⁣⁣

2) Sizing info or link to size chart.⁣⁣

One size fits all… doesn’t always work. Make sure your sizing information is clear and easy to follow, as this will reduce returns, complaints, and headaches for your team.

A great way to achieve this is through a detailed sizing chart. The more accurate your product photos are, the easier it is for your customers to make a purchase. Investing in the right photographer, models, and graphic designer for realistic product images will improve customer experience and boost sales.

3) An option to get a notification when an item is back in stock.⁣⁣

There’s nothing more frustrating than going to buy your favourite product – only to find out it’s out of stock! Keep your valued customers updated so they can complete their intended purchase when the item is back in stock. Add an opt-in checkbox on your product page, and notify your customers through email newsletters or SMS about when you get more inventory.

Also, be sure to offer them alternative product recommendations. They might be interested in trying something new.

what to include on product pages to increase sales - ecommerce marketing tips, digital marketing

4) Product reviews.⁣ Bonus for real customers wearing or using your product!⁣

The results are in, and product reviews are crucial for building trust and providing social proof. With at least 70% of online shoppers checking reviews before they make the final purchase, you want to make sure you provide them with the goods.

Encourage your customers to write positive reviews on social media through the use of trendy hashtags. Also, set up an automated email campaign that urges your customers to post their reviews directly on your product pages or on sites like your Facebook Page, Google Reviews, Yelp, or TrustPilot. When they mention your product online, respond quickly and consider sharing this user-generated content in your marketing.

5) Up-sell with “customers also bought” or “you might like” product suggestions.⁣⁣

You already have customers in your store, now it’s time to cross-sell and up-sell. This is a great opportunity for your customers to spend a little more money on their order. For optimal effectiveness, make sure your product suggestions are relevant.

Cross-sell: If your customer is buying a new TV, offer them HDMI cords or a wall mount.

Up-sell: Show them the newer, better, more expensive model or similar items. Customers are 20 times more likely to purchase an up-sell, compared to a cross-sell.

Try using these 5 ways to improve product pages to generate more sales and let me know how they work for you!

For more marketing tips and tricks, sign up for my newsletter! And as always, if you have any questions feel free to shoot me a DM over on Instagram.