Whether you've just launched your business or you're looking to level up and scale, we're here to give you the tools to do it yourself.  

Get the techniques and methods that we use with our clients to create profitable ad campaigns, email marketing funnels or include SEO into your strategy. We'll cover your questions and give you a DIY blueprint to take control of your digital marketing to grow!

Take Control of Your Brand 


we'll share the methods that get results.

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get more leads & Sales with digital ads

Foundations: Digital ads for brands, businesses & influencers  |  $147

This is a live, interactive online class with a 15-minute Q&A. Registration is now closed. A new date will be set soon.

Learn how to create successful ad funnels that convert ad spend to revenue. This 2-hour mini-course taught LIVE by Karly de Lange, founder and digital marketing specialist at Influence Media will help you to maximize your return on investment and learn where to spend your precious ad dollars.

The Influence Media Method has resulted in an $80 return for $1 spent on ads!

We'll cover:

- Customer buying behaviour
- The types of audiences and how to market to them
- The layered approach to converting your ads into sales
- How to turn any cold audience into a lead
- Where you should allocate your ad spend
- How to define your campaign, goals, budget and targeting


Ready to harness the power of digital ads to make a profit to grow your brand?


"Karly is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to ads and she provides a fun and interesting approach to a sometimes mundane topic. I look forward to collaborating and working with her again in our next sessions and taking a deeper dive into our businesses and areas that she can help us improve our strategy and ROI. XO"

- Shay Merritt, Team Jilly