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How to launch a new product successfully, digital marketing tips

8 Tips for a Successful Launch to Sell More on the First Day

December 22, 2020

How to launch a new product successfully, digital marketing tips

As a digital marketing specialist, I’ve been helping clients launch new products, services, collections, courses, downloadable content, and more. No matter which industry or what they are launching, the one thing they all have in common is the need for an effective launch strategy!

Here are 8 ways to create a buzz around your launch and drive more sales in the first day: 

1) Ensure you have high resolution photos or videos to use leading up to the launch date. Identify all content asset requirements and schedule a photo or video shoot well in advance.

2) Lay out your editorial calendar to schedule teasers and a countdown leading up to the drop using various formats and channels. Example: Add a countdown to your website and/or do a fun countdown on social media.

3) Create a blog post to explain more about the products or services sharing important features to remove obstacles to purchase before the launch date.

4) Ensure your landing pages are ready with relevant imagery, effective copy, clear calls to action, and a lead capture form.

5) Use email marketing to provide special early access or offers to insiders. Your subscribers have already bought into your brand and if you’ve been building trust with them over the months or years, they are more likely to buy.

6) Reach out to brand loyalists or influencers and allow them to try the item/product first. Follow up to get their thoughts, feedback and/or testimonials which is valuable for creating ad copy and content.

7) Depending on the product, hosting an event or workshop to demo the product or service to a select audience is effective to engage people with your brand story and gather feedback.

8) Run Facebook ads before the launch to raise awareness driving them to a blog post or newsletter opt in (or ideally both!) and kick off the launch with a strong ad campaign. 📈

There are more steps or techniques to use in an effective launch but these ideas will help you get started on your strategy! 🚀

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